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Spectrum of services

A line up of solutions available at QTL

 Web Development

QTL takes an innovative approach to Internet marketing and web design that integrates marketing goals into the creative process. Everything we do at Quintessence is aligned to increase your sales and improve customer relations. We develop strategic Internet marketing campaigns that are designed to dramatically reach maximum customers online.

We perform in-depth marketing research, and provide insight into the demographic audience you wish to target, to make sure you are communicating your message in the most effective way. We believe that our designs need to look incredible and yet  it has to be a purpose and a message being communicated to the target audience.


Selecting candidates to join the QTL family is a sacred ritual. We take freshers very seriously so that they can have fun and enjoy the first stage of their career. Working as an intern at Quintessence is mutually beneficial. We train freshers and in return this helps us to stay connected to new changes as the software industry transforms. Our six month internship plan is an intense term where interns work alongside senior developers and designers. At the end of six months they will be ready to take on a project single handedly. 

Speaking skills, interpersonal skills, logic, aptitude and more. We understand that mentoring is beyond mere education. Take a look.

 Web Template Development

At QTL, we understand that Small and Medium business and start-ups have limited budget but need glittering designs and maximum reach. We have designed hundreds of ready made design templates so that clients with urgent requirements and limited budgets can finalise a design and have it updated with their information within 24 hours. 

At a time when the world is rapidly finding the effective value of business on the web, every organisation, person and service is moving to create a Digital DNA that can get mileage. QTL ensures that we are with you right from day 1 of your business with solutions starting as low as $99. Create your Digital DNA now.

 BPO Services

At the end of its third year celebrations, QTL has decided to venture into BPO services. Several new process solutions are under discussion. The initial service has been finalised with Topper Learning Solutions, an educational call center for Grey Cells 18, an educational company owned by Network 18 group.

QTL has always strived for quality services and clients have accepted that our standards will always be the best in whatever we do. The team always works to deliver 100% in quality and time. QTL is now in discussions for international service solutions. Prime options are in education, insurance and communication sectors.  Look here later for updates.

Sharing Knowledge With You

The team at QTL have been on a journey of discovery as they tested their skills against stormy situations.We wish to share what we have learnt with you.

Client Testimonial

  • Mihir Chandan

    Social Media & Marketing Manager


    “Having worked with Quintessence on numerous projects I can proudly vouch for them as a team who deliver professional results. Highlighting the most important trait of understanding what’s critical to the client and executing it in the required timeframe. Would surely recommend QTL as a specialized and business - driven service providers”

  • Naheed Walait



    "Working with the QTL team to create the Boutique Emarat website was a great experience. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable, professional and timely service"

  • Anil .A



    Working with the team at Quintessence is fantastic.They ensure the finest service and research and will go to any extent to give me the result I want.I highly recommend them.

  • Sakhi Television



    We did not expect such speed and efficiency on this project .The designer grasped our concept at the first sitting and gave us exactly what we wanted in a much better way . Thank you for a great website

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Meet the Management

Quintessence MD

R.K. Menon


  Quintessence CEO

Sameer Ansar



Nishana Sameer


Our Partners

Spice Holding


Four years ago, QTL tied up with this amazing team to ensure result oriented, world class designs for our projects. Ideaspice has created highly creative solutions for clients across the globe. Over these years we have worked together on over a hundred projects. We work along with Spice Labs, the new media division of Ideaspice that takes brands online and to emerging media solutions. It has been a spectacular journey and together, we have ensured smiles for our clients by achieving outstanding results.

Find us :  Spice Holding



find your pg 

QTL supports the entrepreneurial spirit of a group of enthusiastic students from Delhi University. Together, we created a free web interface for students which provides accurate information regarding paying guest facilities spread across the Delhi University area. It was a great journey - collecting information, sorting them, contacting PG owners and making the idea popular. They call themselves – Young Entrepreneurs. It was a learning experience for us too as we proudly launched this website for the use of thousands of DU students. 

Find us :  FindYourPG




To ensure the finest solutions for the government sector in India, we joined forced with Keltron, India’s largest electronics corporation in the State sector. Keltron specializes in the assimilation, adoption and integration of technology for creating innovative solutions. Its strength lies in the stable foundation and experience built over the years, its strong human capital, its nation-wide network and its agility to adapt itself to change. Over the years it has been a privilege to be a technology partner with this giant. We look forward to a strong future ahead.


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