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In the year 2009, Mr. Menon and Mr. Sameer decided to create a company that would create web solutions with the "wow" essence. They decided to take over Quintessence Technologies Ltd., for this purpose. Today, QTL has made its mark by having completed over 100 of the most creative projects and delighted customers within 3 years. The company has association with companies of repute to ensure finest consultancy and guidance.

ideaspice from Dubai guides the team on design, Keltron is our partner for technology and Nextep advises on maintaining the finest human resources. The management has ensured the that the team adheres to the finest and highest standards in every work done. A sense of warmth and care has ensured that staff work together without ego and stress. The sense of camaraderie and rapport is always positive here.

Team QTL specialises in Open Source solutions creating magical solutions using php frameworks like Joomla, Codeigniter, Concrete 5 and more. Every project is done with care and diligence to ensure that the web solution is in alignment with the final target audience to get their attention and "wow" interest. Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation are also part of QTL's services menu. Maintenance contracts are advised wherever needed. Overall, the essence at Quintessence is always to ensure maximum value for money spent. We understand that the final result to aim for is that the website reaches out to the right target audience with effective impact. 

Meet the Management

Quintessence MD

R.K. Menon


  Quintessence CEO

Sameer Ansar



Nishana Sameer


Our Partners

Spice Holding


Four years ago, QTL tied up with this amazing team to ensure result oriented, world class designs for our projects. Ideaspice has created highly creative solutions for clients across the globe. Over these years we have worked together on over a hundred projects. We work along with Spice Labs, the new media division of Ideaspice that takes brands online and to emerging media solutions. It has been a spectacular journey and together, we have ensured smiles for our clients by achieving outstanding results.

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find your pg 

QTL supports the entrepreneurial spirit of a group of enthusiastic students from Delhi University. Together, we created a free web interface for students which provides accurate information regarding paying guest facilities spread across the Delhi University area. It was a great journey - collecting information, sorting them, contacting PG owners and making the idea popular. They call themselves – Young Entrepreneurs. It was a learning experience for us too as we proudly launched this website for the use of thousands of DU students. 

Find us :  FindYourPG




To ensure the finest solutions for the government sector in India, we joined forced with Keltron, India’s largest electronics corporation in the State sector. Keltron specializes in the assimilation, adoption and integration of technology for creating innovative solutions. Its strength lies in the stable foundation and experience built over the years, its strong human capital, its nation-wide network and its agility to adapt itself to change. Over the years it has been a privilege to be a technology partner with this giant. We look forward to a strong future ahead.


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