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A walk in the past

I am sitting in the car driving the wife and kids to my grandmothers ancestral place. I am smiling as I relive all the memories. The wife is telling the kids to have fun, but be on their best when they are let loose on the trees and the lake with their cousins. And the kids are thrilled as they plan dance and games.

I suddenly see a vision of me in the back seat as a 10 year old. My dad is driving, and my mother is advising us the same things. I am thrilled to be going on the vacation and seeing all of them.

Life is good. Not much change there. Oh yes, maybe we need an ipod or two to set the music now. And cannot exist without the internet and mobile signals. But the fun...and the smiles...and the late night stories and gossip...is still very much the same.

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