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A few questions...

What drives us to start everyday on a mood? Some of us wake up with despair. Some wake up with a smile, while others witha frown or a headache. Most of us dont have the energy to start off and everything we do seems to be a chore.

What makes some of us tick and move ahead with passion and enthusiasm? How can someone wake up and smile at his wife and say"I love you". What makes you sing in the bath? And hug your family and fill their day with blessings and joy?

Its just a matter of seeing things in a different angle. Its just a matter of loving the life you live. And removing personal ego from the minutest aspects. All of us live and yearn for attention...for acceptance and appreciation. When that is not received, we do things as a sacrifice, as a chore.

A small formula helps me most of the time. DO EVERYTHING 100%. Do everything because you want to do it. Not for someone, not for something, not for acceptance or appreciation. That way even if someone does not appreciate you, the personal ego does not step in.

Remember, when you do your best, the world will automatically acknowledge you. The people around you recognise your skill set and will seek you when they need you. Wait until you get that recognition.

Oh, and its okay to feel hurt or bad once n a while. Whats important is that you understand it, and rub it off and star all over again.

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