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Delayed Justice is Injustice

I see my friend brooding as he sits in the office. He has paid his agent full money on the transaction. And now they have cheated him. No product and no money.

So he goes to talk to them. And they promise to pay him soon. Then they promise to get him the product. And the talks go on...and on. Signs of a cheating gearing up.

And finally after a few months the talks break down. Voices are raised and both dare each other.
My friend realises that he is getting nowhere. So he files a complaint at the police station.

Policeman is a gentleman. He invites the other fellow. He tells him to pay up and not to cheat my friend. He says he means business. The fellow knows that there is n way out. And so he writes a cheque to my friend for the amount. Wow. Matter settled. Everyone smiles and goes home. My friend throws a party for his friends. Happiness is in the air.

Then the cheque goes to the bank. And... it bounces...and again it is sent...and bounces right back. My friend calls the fellow again. He promises that the bank will clear it within ten days. Again the cheque is presented and ...again it bounces. My friend empties the bottle of rum in despair.

The police man calls the other fellow again. But this time he is prepared. He comes with his lawyer. And threatens the policeman that he is threatening the fellow. And they propose to file a case against the policeman if he irritates them again. Policeman tels my friend that he cannot do more. Please find a lawyer and move along.

And so we enter the Indian judicial system. We find a lawyer and tell him the story. He smiles. All is well. He says that we have come to the right place. All we need is to entrust the cae in his hands. And within five to six years he assures that we will win the case. And dont worry, if that fellow moves the high court all we need to wait another four years. we will win the case.

To start the case we have to sign an application nominate him as our lawyer and pay his advance fees of Rs.5000/-. Then we have to promise to pay him 20% of the case money. Then we need to pay a surety bond for the court which is used for court expenses, Approximately 10 to 15% of the money.

And then we need to be patient. The case hearing will happen once every six months. We wait outside the doors amongst thieves and criminals straining to hear our name called. The lawyers swish by us in black coats and gowns that have not seen a wash in ages.

The system stinks.
Can you imagine we will end up paying about 40 to 50% of the money to be received by paying out to this lawyer each time he comes to court, plus his commission plus the court commission, plus the time we waste. And finally after 5 years we may or may not get this money owed to us without any interest or expenses reimbursed.

My friend is in trouble. My friend is now a learned man. He still does not know if he will win the case.

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