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It was sad to read about Jiah Khan. Once again it opened up the view that success or galamour does not really ensure happiness and contentment. As we sit and read about the famous and successful celebrities who we dream of being or imitating we should understand that there is more to life than just the flash bulbs and the adulation.

What do human beings want to be? what are we running after? and Why are we doing what we do? Its interesting to think about this.

To put it in a nutshell, every human being is running after acceptance and admiration and appreciation. Check it out. Whatever you do is based on this. The hairstyle you sport, the dress you wear, the fashion you flaunt, the car you drive, the restaurant you favour, the watch you is all decided by your sub conscious mind to get acceptance and appreciation in your circles.

When that ends,
when the circle you want to be a part of stops accepting you, when the people you really count on stop appreciating you.... thats when you lose out and despair...and for the weaker minds it leads to suicide.

I read Richard Back who said, "how foolish we are to commit suicide. People who contemplate suicide have so many options. They can drop everything. They can run away, sail away to the corner of the world on a boat and start life all over again as a new person".

Life is about accepting and appreciating yourself first. Everything else falls in place then. God bless us all.

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