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Its been awhile that I have stopped writing this blog. I can say a countless stories and excuse myself. Let me sum it all up by saying "sorry" to myself.

I am back to make a change and inspire myself and any one who would reach these lines. I promise myself that I will try and write at least a line everyday.

Do ensure your participation and comments to guide me as I start anew. I thank my wife, companion and friend who is my biggest inspiration to start all over again. +Nishana you are the most cherished part of my life.

Since I seem to be in a mood to thank people let me go the whole way. A special thanks to my mentor and role model, Mr. R. K. Menon, my M.D., whose trust and faith in me has paved the way to encourage me to scale new heights everyday with confidence. Sir, you are one of a kind.

A warm thanks to my father and mother who gave me the values I stand by. The sacrifices they made to ensure my education and foundation shall never be in vain. I shall make you proud every moment.

A smile for my brother Sajith, who continues to inspire me with his feet on the ground, yet head high up in the clouds as he scales record heights in business and personally. Your support to the growth of this company can not be measured. Your encouragement to my ideas, whether dumb or great has been magical. Thanks da.

A kiss to my sister Reshma who shows magic in her passion for whatever she does. Truly international standards in her cooking and home making. She makes it all look so simple. I salute her focus.

My daughter and son inspire me to go the extra mile. I can never imagine how Zahibaa can just walk away from the food she loves so much to be healthy. And how Zohrab is so focused on doing his craft and gaming that he leaves no stone unturned to get what he wants(and ensures we pick up the stones too). How I wish I was half as determined as you guys.

To my sister in law( sister) Haseena who is an amazement as she juggles so many chores and gets all out to achieve success. What an achievement you have done singlehandedly. Your children are a testimony to your love and care and systematic focus to achieve. Farzeen has grown into the most confident and focused lady creating a magical family. Fayaz has grown into a most becoming gentleman and crossed the seas to US. He is now the most eligible bachelor in town. What an inspiring story. And we are impressed at your money management and growth and zest for life. Keep smiling.

To my team at Quintessence, those who are here and those who have moved on yet ensure their connection with us. Your are my family and I am deeply humbled at the contribution each of you have made in this growth. To each of you I salute you all a million times. Thanks for the respect and the friendship. You have stood by us in times of trouble and fun. God bless.

To everyone who I have been in contact with and shared some vision of yours to my tomorrow, I thank you. I thank my school Principal Mrs. Roy for the determined grit and courage to rise up to adversities and achieve with principles and values. My school friends and teachers for every bit of warmth and sunshine in my heart and head during those sunshine years...the best ever.

I thank the Secretary at Bombay YMCA for the encouragement to hold a mike inspite of my speech deficiencies. To edit the magazines at Hostel and college. I thank each of the persons I came in contact there. For an angel like Mr. Kashyap Shah who has been my most silver coated friend in thick and thin till date. What you are to me is infinite Kashyap. And to my other silver bubble friend Namrata who polished my values to finesse. Who pointed out my mistakes and clapped on my small victories. And taught me that I can do my own contributions.

I thank God for shaping me through the amazing family on my fathers side and my mothers. What a large number of warm hearts and love we went through in childhood. The uncles and aunts and grandparents. Each one was a teacher. Especially my father's father(Uppa) whos success was also feathers we used in our cap. And my mothers mother who showed us that business needs a focus, passion and simplicity.

I thank each of you and everyone of you who have crossed my life. The shortest moments have etched your name in my life. Like Ramesh Batavia who inspired me to create a business plan and make the fences to realise it. Like Arvind Vinayak my guide to the advertising world who showed me that I can be creative. Like Animesh Shah who recommended my writing skills for my first real job. Like Khasim who gave me my first job in advertising and putting his confidence in me and paying for my college fees in advertising. Like Biju and Parul who called in me in to take care of their new venture when I was out of a job and desperate. Yet smiling and guiding me even when I let them down so terribly.

For all the people I may have missed out, remember that you are always in my mind and heart. Its just that I may have forgotten you for now.

God sends angels in my path whenever I am in desperation leading me ahead with confidence and smiles. Thankyou God.

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