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Would anyone miss you if you were absent or got late to office or a party?
Would anyone miss your creativity or your jokes or your leadership?
If you are absent would people run around and think of closing the office?
If you're on the team at QTL and if you have a bad day, would everyone around you want to die for you to smile?
We are all capable of being missed.
Most of us would be missed by our family if we secretly ran away to Mumbai in the middle of the night.

It's not enough to know whether or not you are going to be missed. What is important is whether you will surely be missed by a wider circle of people.

It's a risk you have to think about. You will have to reach out to others and extend yourself. You must make promises (and then ensure that you keep them.) That will be a lot more pressure than you can think and it might be worth to know that your WORD has to be Sacred.


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