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There are three important factors you need to ensure for your customer. Try to maintain at least one of the three mentioned below if you wish to grow.


If you can offer a return on their investment, an outstanding solution, show them more sales, save them on their taxes, give the best service making them feel like on a spotless beach, competitive price, peace of mind, productive advise or any measurable result that is positive, then you are in a fine spot to start a great RELATION.


Its hard to measure "WOW". But, remember, all customers respond to great people doing great things. All people are amazed and attracted to outstanding effort, taking risk on their behalf and the energy, sweat and commitment that (rarely) comes from a good partnership. Customers would salute you if they get such a smart person working harder on their behalf than they themselves are willing to work!!! That in itself is a very strong case on your behalf


Why do you think it is important to make someone feel important?
When you greet your customer with a rose, put their name at the doorway with a welcome message and actually treat them better than anyone else does, it can bring a smile to their heart.

A 5 Star hotel is all about Point No.3, IMPORTANCE.

My perception is that the team at Apple are focused on amazing us over and over again, delivering on Point No.2, by taking huge career and corporate risks on our behalf. As soon as they stop doing that, the customers will immediately get bored.

It's sometimes inviting, for a small business company, to be crazy about the first point —OUTCOME—and to spend all its time trying to prove that the Return On Investment is higher, or that the designs are better and the coaching is more effective.

Some of the lucky ones know how fast and how far you can grow in the race with the second two points, if you commit yourself to doing it, without just talking about it.

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