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The luxury of errors?

We believe we work with passion...dedication and focus. We believe we do our best within our limits. Its advisable to look up from your monitor/ screen and analyse the number of errors we have made on each project we have done in the past month or year.

For most of you it will come as a surprise to see the large number of errors in your work or the gaps which were made in the works that you handed over as completed and ready for upload. It will be a revelation to see your past work and slap your forehead and say, "Oh, I could have done that work like this. Why didn't I think of it then?".

The work we do is a certification of our dedication and passion. For some, its just a way to complete our daily task and earn our bread and butter. But remember, the ultimate success in the future of your career is only available for you and for those who earnestly devote themselves, with excitement and passion to complete a work as though it were a work of art. Every module you do, every design you create, every functionality you suggest, every site that is uploaded is a certificate of your workmanship and passion. Imagine you were a developer who creates codes for the rockets and satellites that are sent to space. Do you then have the "luxury" for error?

Sometimes we have these luxuries that spoil us. Start doing your projects in the understanding that you don't have scope for error. Create ideas, find new ways, get excited, be passionate, research, ask, go on an adventure to find a solution.

If you truly understand this and then you are well on your way to a dazzling career and the most satisfying path to life.

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