Quintessence Technologies Ltd. takes an innovative approach to marketing and design for the internet. What use is a website if your creative thoughts do not fit the marketing goals ? Your website assures you direct connection with your customer and we understand the importance of this role.

Everything we do at Quintessence Technologies Ltd. is designed to delight customers to sales, improve relations and your business. We create strategic marketing ideas using social media and guide you with in-depth marketing research. Our experience in marketing guarantees to communicate your identity in the most effective way. We believe that our designs need to look incredible, but behind that, and driving it, there has to be a purpose and a message to "Wow" the target audience to action.

Work, Within Your Budget

We have many solutions available for every business, large or small, that allow you get top quality work without breaking your budget. Through teamwork, expertise, efficient use of modern technology and a drive for excellence, we deliver the results that you deserve.


Quintessence Technologies Ltd is a professional web design and marketing company. We specialize in high-end website design, internet marketing, social media optimisation, corporate identity, advertising and graphic design using PHP frameworks and Open Source technology. The group of companies also offers mentoring facilities and BPO services both in India and abroad.

We have an amazing team of professionals within the group and among our associate companies who work round the clock to get results for you. Quintessence Technologies Ltd. brings you the best of our marketing experience and technical expertise wrapped in the most cordial service.


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