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Having your own website does not mean that you will be secure on the Internet forever. The Internet is a wide open space and your site is placed in a manner whereby people can find you and get the required information about your business with ease. It’s simply like your postal address and anyone who knows your address can easily come to your home.

Have you ever imagined what would happen if your address is with a stranger who can decide to trouble you for anything? In this condition, there is always a security risk and to prevent these sort of headaches, we usually build high walls or appoint a security in our home to prevent basic levels of nuisance. However, threats may still exist.

Websites are also prone to security risks by itself, just like a thief can break the strongest walls of your house, a potential hacker can shatter your business website. You can imagine how terrible it could be in today's era of free communication and online business. To get rid of all these threats as maximum as we can, we bringing you a gamut of security applications which you can deploy to your site enabling you to stay calm and relaxed. See below how we can accomplish your Website security requirements.


1. SSL Certificates:

Nowadays, most people prefer to have CMS powered Websites using which owners can edit and control the website contents and images by themselves. These sites will have an Administration Panel which will be protected with a login page. The Login user will need to enter a valid username and password to authenticate and access administrative contents.

This creates a high security threat. When any user enters username and password, the web server (the server which serves the pages of your website to the user) starts a connection to the browser in use at that point of time. The browser uses this and the login data supplied by the user travels to the server as plain text. This is an open channel, and, just like you see in a detective movie, there are many simple Networking Packet Inspection/Sniffing tools around to snoop in to these channels. They can see all the data travelling through that channel. They can easily be used by any expert hacker to copy/paste your password. It doesn’t matter how strong your passwords are. Once it’s open, there is no security. 

This is where the use of the SSL Certificate comes in. SSL  stands for "Secure Socket Layer". SSL initiates a secure channel (https) between you and the website. All the data passed through are encrypted using up to 256 bit algorithms and none of the software or people can read it apart from you and the web server. This same technology is used by e-banking sites and online shopping sites to protect user data and credit card information. AT QTL, we provide diverse range of SSL certificates according to protection levels needed.

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1. Website security & Monitoring:

Technology is growing at a rapid pace and so are the threats too. Security measures implemented on your website 5 years back is not going to help you now. It’s at least 200 times harder to secure your data in the present situation. If you have built your website with a developer few years ago, you should now be concerned about the security of your data.

QTL is offering an extensive service that can remove all your tension. We will inspect your site/source code/back end completely against any possible security/vulnerability. We will provide you scan results and will deliver top class workarounds. Once you decide on our security plans, we also scan your website periodically for any traces of malware and ensure your site is running safe and secure during the period of the contract. 

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 2. Website virus-malware removal service

Has your website ever been hacked or constantly targeted or found illegitimate contents?  

We fully understand such a situation and can understand how important it is to immediately revert the site back to a safe state and to clean all the traces that the hacker has put for further abuse. We have special dedicated services for you to make your site rejuvenated quickly. This is a very special service in which our experts will set up hard level inspection of your source codes for any possible exploits, line by line.

Do you know? Google fetches data from your site periodically and if they have found any suspicious activity, they will first start to warn users before entering your site. If the suspicious content or activity still continues; they will completely block your domain. This will affect your credibility. More important thing is that you lose business. As you can understand, security is very much essential for you to make sure your site is not affected with any malware. Your site should be rated good among search engines. We have different packages to support you based on the complexity of the task.

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